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public address systems


Public address system is an electronic device which is used for sound amplification and distribution of the sound through the speakers connected across to the PA amplifiers.This announcement can be audible also in the noisy circumstances such like as Railway stations,Bus stands,Airports etc...

Simple PA Systems are used in Small companies,industries,churches,temples,schools and many other required area.This system can be integrated with some existing systems like fire alarm control panel to evaquate the humans during the fire event.The leading familiar brands in india,are Bosch,Ahuja,panasonic,yamaha etc....

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It amplfies the sound signal which is to be distribute all the speakers.it supports mike,speaker,and some external auxiliaries.


A microphone is an acoustic to electric transducer,which converts sound energy into electrical energy.Microphones are used in public address systems for concert halls and public events.


Commanly cone/horn type,wall mounted and ceiling mounted speakers are used in PA systems for loud sounding.this speakers are rated in various frequency and it is denoted in watts and the Watts is the amount of amplification available for the speakers.