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burglar alarm in chennai

Burglar Alarm System: Normally It has two major type,one is wired burglar alarm system and another one is wireless alarm system.wired burglar alarm systems has a main control unit which has a inbuilt autodialler to dial the stored telephone/mobile numbers.The latest technology of burglar alarm system supports GSM module,which means you can direcly insert an activated simcard in the system to get the event alert to your mobile and you will get the correspondence " short messages" (SMS)

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PIR : Passive infrared sensor is used to sense any movement of the palce while the system is armed.This is the important device of every burglar alarm system but it is very difficult to buy the exact brand,which suits you as well.

MAGNETIC DOOR CONTACT : This sensor mainly used in doors and windows.This sensor sense the opening and closing of the doors.This devices are very cost effectve product especially for home and small offices.

HOOTER / SOUNDER : Hooters are used to raise the high sound during the system in" active mode" This hooters raise sound of 120db,which panics the burglar as well intimate others about the burglar.

REMOTE CONTROLLER FOR WIRELESS BURGLAR ALARM SYSTEM : This remotes are unique in its frequency and must not support with any other burglar alar system.it is used to activate /decativate the burglar main controller,which means the person who is having this remote controller only having accessiblity on the particular area.

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