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The latest technology of biometric finger print attendance systems launched cloud server supported system,which used to login the employees time and attendance anytime and anywhere in the world.This system supports maximum types of report to generarte.this is user friendly and works with plug and play concept.

Normally this systems comes with in-built battery backup and supports maxium 1 lakh transaction storage.it is a high responsive system and supports finger print,pin number/password,RF card.we can use either one,two or combination of all.the system supports Tcp/Ip,Usb,Em-lock,Egress switches,RF reader,etc..

BIOMETRIC: The Biometric Systems are the advanced level of the access control system, which takes the bio input for authorization and grant access based on the bio input to prevent the fraudulent. The system has eliminated the chances of claiming, ie. fake attendance using others card ,  no acceptance of entry or exit , by stating the card was missed  and misused by somebody etc…

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