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As a Distributor

E Sync has committed to provide outstanding solutions for Electronic Security Systems, also being contributed major role in the security product price slash in the market. Despite of many price fixers, We are being introduced variety of products with various ranges of prices to fulfill the market requirements. We believe that we can measure our success with the user’s comfortable affordability.
E Sync has being enrolled in several activities to reach the security products at all levels of users. Also being motivated Distributors / Dealers to create security products awareness by conducting various activity and to motivate system integrators the same to grow with the satisfaction.

As a Solution provider

E Sync has record of continual improvement in the solutions delivery with cost effective. Also very glad to be a complete security solutions provider in among very few in the market. Since we were learned the below through our experiences, our team are being equipped with new technologies to match the modern requirements.
1. We value other vendors time .
2. We do understand the importance of repo between the vendors involved in the projects.
3. Our team has trained to work as a team with co-vendors too to travel within the project schedule.
Also we do conduct commercial BIG building / Complex survey and to come out with the complete security requirements.
1. Against Unauthorized Entry, Granting access to only authorized person.
2. Against FIRE , to protect human life’s and valuable property.
3. Against Surveillance, to Monitor the Movements of staff / public.
4. Against Parking, to control the parking area .
5. Against Visitor Management, to manage the Visitor and to undertake the big corporate projects where professional output requires with innovative solutions.

As a Maintenance & Service provider

We have dedicated skilled team under the gaudiness of expertise for the service delivery. Our 24 *7 service team is fully equipped to provide support maintain our TAT as per SLA at all time to honor our commitments. We have achieved so many clients confidence through our service supports. Also we are among very few to commit and achieve the below TAT.
• Response Time ---------------------------------------- 24 Hrs
• Resolution Time ( When No Spare Required )-----24 Hrs
• Resolution Time ( When Spare Required )---------48 Hrs

The Service Attitude:
• Service level can be improved infinitely.
• Service Management is “ a journey “
• Today service level are “ not good enough for tomorrow”